Magic Eraser tool is being added to Google Photos

Google photos| File image   Good news for Google Photos users. Google is going to add the 'Magic Eraser' tool to pro…

Feb 28, 2023

How to recognize fake websites

Photo-collcted   Nowadays, everyone in the world is connected to the internet and social media.  Eight to eighty people are …

Dec 31, 2022

Google's special feature to tell the location of the lost phone

Smartphone is everyone's companion now. Its use is constantly increasing. If your beloved smartphone (Android phone) is …

Dec 28, 2022

Google Maps will tell you where the speedometer of the car is

Paper maps are no longer needed to get to know the contours of a new city or country. All solutions can be done instantly if…

Dec 8, 2022

Google will warn only if there is an Earthquake

Google has launched the Android Earthquake Alert system in Bangladesh like some other countries to warn users during earthqu…

Dec 3, 2022