Other people's smoking harms you


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Smoking poisoning - everyone knows. Even today, many people are addicted to smoking. They may not think about their health risks. But others are also at serious health risk. Even though there are smoking laws in the country, they are not enforced. Therefore, smoking is common in public transport or gathering places.

Smoking at home also puts the members of the household at risk of health. This air cannot be purified by fan-AC or any other means. Even smoking on a balcony or in a separate room does not leave others without risk. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, of which at least 250 are harmful. Second-hand smoke is not only a health issue, but also an ethical and social issue of great importance as it involves risk to others.

Is the problem of non-smokers 'small'?

When someone smokes around a non-smoker, he begins to feel uncomfortable with its pungent smell. There may also be headache, cough or nausea, there may be 'minor' problems such as tickling of the nose, accompanied by a feeling of malaise. He can only feel this first shock. The rest are silent killers. The inside of the body is damaged silently.

  • As a result of indirect smoking, blood clotting tendency increases, blood vessels are damaged, blood cholesterol level increases. As a result, a healthy person's risk of stroke and heart disease increases up to 30 percent. And for those who already have heart disease, exposure to second-hand smoke increases their risk.

    • Secondhand smoke not only increases the risk of lung cancer; Rather, the risk of other cancers also increases due to the effects of various chemical components of cigarette smoke. Even after the smoke goes away, there are substances that cause cancer that remain for a long time.

    • Kidney blood vessels are also damaged. It has a direct effect on kidney function.

      • Pregnant women exposed to second-hand smoke are at risk of having a low-birth-weight baby with a lower-than-normal immune system after birth.

      • What is harming the child?

        The effects of second-hand smoke on children are severe. A child's respiratory system is easily damaged. Symptoms like cough and shortness of breath occur. Respiratory tract infections (even pneumonia) may occur. The risk of ear infections also increases. Lung growth may be inhibited. Second-hand smoke can also kill healthy babies within one year of birth. Secondhand smoke exposure predisposes children with asthma to recurrent severe wheezing


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