Mithila again in the title role in Kolkata cinema

Mithila |File image

 Actress Rafiyat Rashid Mithila has already gained popularity in Kolkata outside the country. He is working regularly in two Bengals. In that sequence, he acted in another new movie. The name of the movie is 'Meghla'. Mithila will be seen as the central character of the movie.

The movie titled 'Meghla' will be directed by Arnav Midya. Its story, dialogues and screenplay are written by the director himself. Meanwhile, a poster of Mithila's character in the movie has also been released.

About the character of Meghla, Mithila said, 'I have experience working with women from different communities due to working in an international development organization. I am very familiar with the obstacles faced by women at different levels of society and at the same time with their indomitable strength. When that power awakens in a woman, all negative evil energy is lost. One such warrior woman is named Meghla. Meghla is a shining example of how an ordinary girl can become extraordinary. And such a movie is not only entertainment but also a reflection of the role of movies in our society.'

Mithila said that even though the role of Meghla was challenging, she felt proud to get the opportunity to play such a role. The movie also stars Gaurav Chatterjee, Arn Mukherjee, Vishwarup Banerjee, Sion Ghosh, Amit Saha, Deepak Halder and others. Ranjoy Bhattacharya is in charge of music direction in Arnab's film as well. Meghla movie shooting has already been completed. Post production work is going on. The makers are preparing for release in theaters in May.

Mithila | File image


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