Magic Eraser tool is being added to Google Photos

Google photos| File image

 Good news for Google Photos users. Google is going to add the 'Magic Eraser' tool to provide an opportunity to edit images more easily than the current one. Any unwanted person or object in the picture can be easily removed by using this photo editing tool. As a result, even if you take a picture in a crowd, your picture will be seen well.

The photo editing tool on Google's Pixel phones has already become very popular among users. And so Google decided to add the Magic Eraser tool to Google Photos to give more users the opportunity to use the tool. However, the tool cannot be used at will. The tool can only be used by those registered with Google One, Google's cloud-based storage facility.

The Magic Eraser tool will be added to the Tools option in Google Photos. As a result, the tool can be easily used while editing images. Currently, Google Photos uses artificial intelligence technology (AI) to remove various scenes from photos. Adding the tool will allow you to manually remove specific people or objects from your photos.
Source: Times of India


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