Chatgpt created by dropout students

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 The term 'ChatGPT' is now more or less familiar to everyone. This is a Google-like search engine created by OpenEye. But its activity is much different than Google. Like other search engines, ChatGPT does not yet work live or directly on the Internet. ChatGPT is 570 GB of data rich, with a sound library of over 300 billion.

After it was created in November last year, there is now a worldwide interest in ChatGPT. About 100 million people around the world used ChatGPT in January alone. It is an artificial intelligence chatbot system or conversational application.

ChatGPT is an application of artificial intelligence called 'Large Language Model Tools'. It was launched by OpenAI. Its full form is chat generative pre-trained transformer. From chatgpt recipes to math solutions, varsity assignments, reports, you will get all kinds of information in this chatbot. Even this AI chatbot will generate your report-presentation instantly. ChatGPT can write essays, job or leave applications, contracts, explain events, create short reports. It can also write computer programs, songs or poems for the user.

But do you know who is the creator? ChatGPT was created by Sam Altman. He grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. He has been interested in coding since childhood. He started programming at the age of eight.

Sam was a computer science student at Stanford University. Created an app called Lopot with two friends. At that time he left the college. Lopot is an app that allows you to share your location with friends. Later, the bid for selling this app rose to 43 million USD. After selling Lopot, Sam Altman founded another company called Hydrazine Capital.

Sam co-founded OpenEye with Elon Musk in 2015. However, in 2018, Elon Musk withdrew from OpenEye. OpenEye has developed several AI tools since its inception, two of which are ChatGPT and Del.E. Both of these artificial intelligence based tools are popular all over the world today.

Sam is a college drop out. One of the most popular AI chatbots in the world, ChatGPT, is being created by his hands. Not only Sam, many other famous people in the world were college dropouts. From Rabindranath to Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, no one has an institutional certificate.


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