Apple has denied allegations that Apple Maps is sharing location data

Apple maps
Technology website recently reported that Apple Maps users' location information was being collected without their consent due to a security flaw. According to the report, a food delivery company in Brazil collected the location information of Apple Maps users without their consent. At that time, the location identification facility of iOS 16.2 version users is closed, but the company can know the location of customers through Apple Maps through its own app.

Although it has been silent about this complaint for a long time, Apple has now said that the complaint of disclosure of location information on Apple Maps is not correct. iPhone users are also not at risk of security. 

Apple said the security flaw in Apple Maps could only pose a risk to some macOS apps, but the problem has since been fixed. For this, updated iOS, iPad OS, TVOS and Watch OS have also been released.

According to Apple, the bug has been fixed in iOS 16.2 version as well. As a result, complaints by Brazilian food service providers that Apple Maps is collecting location information from users without their consent are unfounded. Due to this flaw, there is no risk of location disclosure without the permission of iPhone users running iOS 16.2 version. 

Source: Times of India


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