Ahona opened up about her 'relationship' with Shamim

Bangladeshi Star 'Shamim Hasan Sarkar' and 'Ahona Rahman' | Photo from social media
Shamim Hasan Sarkar and Ahona Rahman are the popular duo of small screen. They have already completed two dozen dramas together. Rumors have been going on for quite some time that Shamim and Ahona are dating. Shamim has already spoken about this several times. He also hinted at his relationship with Ahona on his Facebook. Now Ahaona opened up about the matter. She also gave a suggestive answer.

Ahona told the media, 'Relationship can exist. Not only Shamim, I have a relationship with Alvi, Rashed and Shimanto also. This relationship is at work. But I don't want to talk about personal matters, what many people think about Shamim's relationship.'

She also said that many people are talking a lot, we are not paying attention to that. We are working together regularly. The audience has accepted and liked the performance of our duo. I want to go to work now. And birth, death, marriage - Allah knows best. My marriage will be with whomever is written. Whether it's Shamim or XYZ, I don't know yet. 

Ahona said, I don't want to say anything about personal life at the moment. I will let you know when the time is right. Now I am thinking more about my career. I will be busy with continuous work until the Eid.


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